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Tracey Coward Johnson Foundation in corporation with the Delta  Sigma Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. will be awarding scholarships this year!

About Tracey Arnetta Coward-Johnson

Tracey Arnetta Coward-Johnson blossomed and presented a ray of sunshine to the world.  She culminated her secondary education in June 1981 upon graduation from F.W. Buchholz High School also in Gainesville, Florida. She zealously resumed her education and obtained certificates as a Nursing Assistant and Dental Assistant from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL.

Tracey also attended Columbus College in Columbus, Georgia, she reached the climactic peak of her ultimate educational goals by earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services from Springfield College, Springfield Massachusetts, at the Tampa, Florida Campus.


Tracey had a zest for life, she had a beautiful warm infectious smile, she loved her family, she loved her siblings, nieces and nephews which resulted in her being  considered the favorite aunt to many, the surrogate mother to some and Godmother to others.  Tracey was a humanitarian, she committed selfless acts of kindness as a caregiver she willingly used her medical knowledge and experience to provide tender loving care to others. Tracey’s loving disposition often inspired others to do better and become a better person. 

Tracey was considered as the best friend by numerous persons, if she called you a friend she expressed that love and and made a commitment to nurture that friendship with kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding.

Even though Tracey dedicated her life to raising her children, she often found time to work on numerous community service projects such as the relay for life  that garners funds and brings awareness to
Breast Cancer, she helped to feed the homeless, lastly she was an active member on the class reunion committee for Buchholz High School Class of 1981.

Some of Tracey’s, affiliations include her beloved sorority Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, the Camielettes of Gainesville where she participated in fundraising events that amassed funds for educational scholarships.

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